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not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and protecting all marylanders equally under the law. join me in voting for question 6. &pnew this morning... we have bben on the scene of a deadly house fire in northeast hourssit started just after 2 a3 this mmrning.we ow know that five peoppe have dded.. and four of hem are children. several othee peopleehhve been injurrd.megan gilliland is still on the scene speakiig with fire officials and will bring us n uuddteein the next 10 minutes. two firefighters are hhrt battling a blaze innsoutheast &pbaltimore.it happened just before 1:30 this morningg n a home on bonsaillstreettnear boston treet.one firrfighter suufered 2nddddgree burns to his ace... the other had word yet on a ause. conviited murderer, drew peterson... ii asking for new trial.the former chicago police seegeant is awaitingg pentencing....for thh murder of his third wife,,kathleen ssvvo. peterron's requess for a
protection of the law. >> reporter: the university automatically admits most of the students based upon their rank and high school class and one quarter of texas freshmen are admitted based upon a formula made up of many factors, one which of is race. bill powers said if the supreme court prevents that -- . >> we would not be given the kind of education to all of our students. we would prepare them to work and it would be a setback for our students and society. >> reporter: howard said diversity benefits all students but chief justice john roberts wanted to hon on you the -- know how the university would determine when it had, quote, a krill critical mass of diversity on campus. us judgeis kennedy could be a key swing vote appearing skeptical telling the texas delegation what you're saying is what counts is race above all. >> justice sodermayer said fisher's lawyer wants to, quote, gut the law. a decision in the fisher- university of texas case is not expected until spring. back to you. >> and thank you. >>>a panel of judges upheld south carolina's voter identification law requiring tho
three years in probation. tiffany was accused of paying a law firm employee $800 in state money. sounds like he is a theft and using state funds for her wedding. he will have to pay back $800 to the state. >>> a woman claims a sheriff deputy raped her at a local courthouse. more on her lawsuit and why she decided to go public with her story. also ahead tonight, quick thinking maryland teenagers jump into action after their bus driver passes out behind the wheel. tell us about their close call still ahead. >> i did everything they asked me to do, so i didn't think it was going be an issue. >> a terminally ill woman said she was humiliated. the embarrassing patdown that is getting national attention at 11:00. pamela howze: it just seems like such an... infringement on our lives. how dare they step into my life that way. it's none of their business. he's trying to restrict us, again. he's taking us backwards. george allen is the last thing we need in washington. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising. according to an inde
federal prosecutor paul butler who is now a law professor at georgetown law school. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> we've all heard that audio of jerry sandusky speaking with the college radio station. were you surprised to hear he called in and made a statement like that? >> you know, it was a little surprising. but he's done things like this before. he gave that weird interview with bob costas shortly before the trial. this is consistent. from a defense perspective, it's a horrible move. i think he added a good 10 to 20 years to his sentence, because he's blaming these people. what judges want to hear in a sentencing hearing is remorse. i was convicted, the process was fair, now i'm going to do my time. that might reduce the sentence. but this is not -- making it worse for him. >> the tone of it, basically saying i was wrongfully convicted of these disgusting acts, i think he said disgusting. he's also expected to speak today. might we hear more of the same or do you think perhaps the lawyers have said, might want to change up the conversation a little bit in court today? >
, demonstrators in favor of maryland's dream act rallied in support of that law. the legal immigrants would be allowed in state tuition rates if parents paid taxes and they attended local public schools. opponents say other taxpayers should not be made to foot the bill for people not here legally. andrea mccarren was at today's rally. >> i love this country. when i say home, i mean here. >> i do consider myself an american. >> up, up with education, down, down with deportation. >> they are among the so- called dreamers. students whose parents brought them into this country illegally. >> my mom even says that you are more american than spanish anymore. you still get confused in spanish words. i'm like yeah, i know. >> a cancer survivor who says his surgery at johns hopkins saved his life. rickie wants to share his gratitude. >> i have to give back to society. i think the way i want to do it is becoming a doctor and save lives, just as my life was saved once. >> opponents of the dream act call it a bad investment for maryland taxpayers. brad of help save maryland calls it criminal. an
. brooks said he was truly sorry for breaking if law. >> more trouble for jerry sandusky. the state of pennsylvania is revoking his $59,000 a year pension. sandusky's wife, dottie will not be eligible for benefits, either. sandusky was sentenced to 30 years behind bars for molesting 10 boys over a 15-year time span. >> turning to baseball, a day of excitement turned to disappointment. the team lost game three. they didn't lose, they got crushed by the cardinals. so it all comes down to tomorrow. >> tonight, nats fans are saying every bedtime prayer, they're trying to find every lucky horseshoe and even every lucky troll doll. tomorrow could be do or die for the nats. >> nats fans may be calling in sick to make it to game four against the cardinals. >> i left work early. i'm going to go make up the hours now. it's tough. >> steve mcguire may be burning the midnight oil right now. >> it's hard to justify. >> ouch. 8-0 was today's score against the cardinals. >> that's okay. we still got one more. you can't count us out. >> even the youngest of fans know a scoreless came can take the w
signed a petition that helped put maryland's same sex marriage law on the november ballot. so is this a violation of . ang la mccaskill's first -- angela mccaskill's first amendment rights or is the case of a diversity officer not supporting equal rights for all? bruce leshan is looking for answers. >> reporter: two people at the heart of this controversy are not talking. the galludet university president did send out an e- mail blast to students saying that dr. mccaskill has participated in a legislative initiative that some feel is inappropriate. dr. mccaskill's husband did pick up the phone at their upper marlboro home and said no comment because they're still looking for a lawyer, but he did say his wife is so upset about this that she is now under a doctor's care. >> i was quite shocked. >> reporter: the man leading the effort to block gay marriage in maryland says he is shocked. >> now we're saying because she signed a petition oops, put the brakes on. she can't fairly do her job when i think the day before anybody would have probably said she's done a great job. >> re
obama has passed a law that loots medical care to the current budget window to pay for the unpopular partisan health care law. that's a fact. it is paul ryan and governor romney that actually have a plan to save medicare for future generations without affecting current retirees. >> i want to show you some tapes. we had our group of undecided voters that were watching. let me play some reactions to paul ryan. >> i thought he came off confident but not as confident as vice president joe biden. i felt that he did -- once he felt attacked, he decided to attack back. >> i think he's ready to be vice president. i don't think he's ready to be a president. >> i think he definitely stood his ground, even when vice president biden was being kind of immature, i thought. >> you heard sort of the gamut there. >> that's interesting. >> do you think -- i've heard this from other republicans, he was reserved and he didn't want to -- as one republican said -- suckered into a fight and go down rabbit holes. >> i think paul ryan was the one that looked more vice presidential or presidential than vice p
first and foremost for assessments of whether this could constitute a violation of a law or a crime. those we leave to the determination of other law enforcement bodies. >> reporter: now, sources tell news4 that other law enforcement authorities, including the u.s. attorney's office, are looking at this contracting mess with jim graham, andhe c ty, and the metro board. now, jim graham is no longer a member of the metro so there's nothing administratively that the metro board here can do to jim graham, based on this report. tom sherwood live at metro. back to you, jim. >> in as much as he is no longer a member of a board, is the metro board now out of it in terms of any kind of sanction or anything? >> reporter: well, the metro board says it has improved its own ethics rules in the last months, as this report has been being prepared. so it technically would be out of it. it s review of other ethics reforms could do to see this doesn't happen again. the big issue here is whether or not jim graham, who has in the past said about this, he's done nothing illegal. he keeps saying that ove
-sex marriage law. gallaudet's president said some felt it was inappropriate considering her position at the school. marylanders for marriage equality are hopeful she'll be reinstated soon. they say everyone is entitled to free speech and their own opinion. >>> 5:05. look ahead to the race for the joe biden and republican congressman paul ryan will square off in the one and only vice presidential debate tonight in kentucky. following president obama's lackluster performance last week, the democrats are hoping they can rebound while the republicans want to build their recent momentum. polls mitt romney -- polls show mitt romney has a one-point lead in colorado. >> you can watch the debate right here on wusa9 beginning at 9:00 p.m. "u.s.a. today" reporters will blog online about what the candidates say and at wusa9.com, you can participate in that conversation via facebook and twitter. then at 11:00, join derek and anita as they fact check what the candidates say with the "u.s.a. today" fact checking team. >>> there's some very important deadlines coming up if you plan on voting in nove
healthcare reform law. >> i don't think working mom in arlington should have to wait to get a mammogram because money is tight. don't think a college student in fairfax or charlottesville should have to choose between textbooks or the preventive care she needs. >> the president's supporters say this speech was a return to form for a president who they admit was off his game in the first debate. >> i recognize that. i don't know why that was. all i do know is that's the attitude he needs to bring to the next debate. >> clearly both these presidential campaigns covet virginia. this is president obama's 17th trip to the state just this year. mitt romney was in this state yesterday and he'll return monday. >> i love you, too guys. >> the romney campaign says wednesday's debate has een a big boost to their efforts in virginia. >> obviously people saw the great debate performance. people are fired up as ever of the we're having more volunteers stream -- ever. we're having more volunteers stream into the office. >> still most major polls have president obama ahead in virginia. while he headed
pleading guilty to misconduct in office. delegate tiffany alston was accused of paying a law firm employee $800 in state money of she was also accused of theft and using state funds for her wedding. she will have to perform 300 hours of community service and pay pack the $#00 to the state. -- $800 to the state. >>> lawyers for jerry sandusky say they plan to appeal his sentence. tuesday, a judge sentenced sandusky to a minimum of 30 years in prison. sandusky was convicted earlier this year of sexually abusing 10 children. during tuesday's hearing, some of sandusky's victims testified and described how sandusky's abuse changed their lives. sandusky also addressed the court and again denied any wrongdoing. some of sandusky's victims are suing penn state over how the university responded to the complaints about sandusky. >>> when we come back, we'll talk about a heinous crime. a 14-year-old girl shot for expressing her demand for an education. >>> a ball of flames kept crews pretty busy overnight. we are checking more headlines coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] the first look...is only the b
to all of us that, we're entitled to the equal protection of the law. >> reporter: the university automatically admits most of its students based upon their rank in their high school class, put 1/4 of texas freshman are admitted based upon a formula made up of many factors, one of which is race. texas president bill powers said if the supreme court prevents that -- >> we would not be giving the kind of education to all of our students that would be preparing them to work in a global and diverse world, be a setback for our students and our society. >> reporter: powers says diversity benefits all students, but chief justice john roberts wanted to know how the university would determine when it had a critical mass of diversity on campus. justice anthony kennedy could be a key swing vote. he appeared skeptical telling the texas delegation what you're saying is what counts is race above all. justice sonia sotomayer said the decision looks to gut the law. a decision is not expected until spring. beth parker, fox 5 news. >>> bricks and mortar trying to compete with online retailers coul
have to treat them all the same way. >> reporter: governor o'malley signed the civil law protection act in march, but opposition groups got the issue put to voter referendum november 6th. >> once people have an opportunity to think about this issue a little more, i think you'll see marylanders supporting question 6 because it will protect every child's home equally under the law while also protecting religious freedom. >> reporter: another ravens player is speak out publicly on question 6. center matt birk is in a tv ad for the other side. >> i'm ravens center matt birk. marriage is not easy. marriage is and should remain between a man and a woman. >> reporter: on the streets of federal hill we found most saying they'll be voting for question 6. >> i'm all for gay marriage. so i guess is that a yes or no? >> reporter: that's a for. >> i'll be voting for question 6. >> 100% voting for question 6 no doubt. >> reporter: but maryland voters opposed to gay marriage say their votes will building counted. >> against gay marriage because i -- will be counted. >> against gay marriage bec
in 1991 when he was a student at harvard law school. the man she married was later tapped to head the fcc by president obama in 2009. that's 12 years after the couple divorced, by the way. abc news responded saying in part, this is absurd. martha raddatz is known for her tough, fair reporting which is why it was no surprise to her colleagues inside and outside of abc news that she was chosen by the commission on presidential debates for this assignment. a spokesman for paul ryan and the nonpartisan debate commission both said they have no concern over whether raddatz would be impartial during the debate. >> mika, what do you think? >> she's an incredible journalist. i'm not worried about her being objective. >> not in the least. >> i think these things -- i don't know if she disclosed this, but these things should be out there. we should be as transparent as we can about our family connections. >> exactly. >> i don't know if she was. >> everybody thinks martha raddatz is a great reporter. >> she's fantastic. >> one of the best that we have. that said, abc news should have been transparent
heart. i did break the law. and for that, i'm truly sorry. over and over again he did admit to the judge that he had broken the law and said it would be time for him to make up for the mistakes he's made. he's one of three people who pleaded guilty in connection with the 2010 campaign. darcy spencer, news4. >>> d.c. police are investigating the death of a woman in northeast. police tell us they got a call for trouble on fenwick street just before 5:00 a.m. by the time they arrived they found a woman unconscious. she was pronounced dead at the scene. police are waiting on autopsy results now to determine how she died. they're also working to identify her. >>> everyone needs to worry about cyber security, so the fbi is partnering with private businesses to make it a top priority in our area. members of the fbi's local field office talked about the latest cyber threats at a conference today saying it's important to recognize hackers aren't just going after large corporations. they're also targeting small businesses, and individuals. >> you know, basic steps that you take on your house, your
law office. she received three years probation and 300 hours of community service. she also has to reimburse the state. in a separate case, the maryland lawmaker also received probation for using campaign money to pay for her wedding expenses. >>> we have much more ahead. a mother wants answers after her son dies when cops pepper spray him. >>> locked and loaded. a passenger busted for trying to get on a flight i approve this message. mitt romney: "i'm not in favor romney's being dishonest here an independent, non-partisan liberals will raise taxes on the chairman of that so-called romney's former company. gingrich was there too. it's not independent. it's just not true. a dond in the way. >>> thousands have americans are waiting to life saving kidney donations and there are lots of reasons why the wait is so long. too few donors, problems finding a match, the list goes on and on. there's one reason you may not have heard before. doreen gentzler is here with that part of the story. >> think about it. what an amazing gift it is to share one of your kidneys with someone else. what
students a leg up. >> reporter: texas has a law called the 10% plan. it guarantees admission to all students in the top 10% of their class regardless of race. after those students are admitted, the university of texas uses other factors, including test scores, student activities, and race to determine who gets the remaining spots. the supreme court tack himmed the controversial issue just nine years ago but since then, the makeup of the court has become more conservative. >> the end of affirmative action is a political goal that people had for quite some time. that's what's at stake in this case. >> reporter: the university contends even if fisher was a minority student, she would not have made the cut the year she applied. supporters of the university's policy says changing it would harm everyone. >> all students would suffer, not just black and latino students. all students benefit from learning together in the classroom and outsides the classroom. >> reporter: for 30 years the supreme court has upheld affirmative action but that may change. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the supr
prosecutors have launched a new robe into the finances of jesse jackson, jr. law enforcement sources tell nbc news the investigation involves an alleged misuse of funds monitored by congress. but there are no specifics tonight. attorneys met with prosecutors this week in an effort to persuade them not to indict the illinois congressman. jackson has been on medical leave from congress since june. >>> now, a disturbing attack today. someone fired shots into the campaign headquarters for president obama in denver. the bullet shattered a large front window, but no one was hurt. police believe the shot was fired from a vehicle. tontd, both sides are claiming victory in the viesz presidential debate. president obama watched from air force 1. mitt romney was in richmond today. but did the debate swing undecide ds voters? nbc news talked about who they saw as the winner. >> the vice president did? >> why? >> i think he came off as being very strong, emotional. >> vice president biden was being kind of immature with a lot of the skiend of snide sniers and everything. >> the next presidential debate, b
amendment. >> reporter: a district court judge sided with the american freedom law center after it filed suit against washington metro transit because they requested a delay in putting the posters up. >> i don't think it's speech if they're trying to advertise. >> reporter: by 5:00 p.m. the posters will be put up at the metro station at takoma park and glenmont. geller already has successfully placed the posters on trains in new york city and buses in san francisco. we reached out to a metro spokesperson. he declined to comment at this time saying the posters were already causing enough controversy. news4. >>> the number of people sickened by a deadly meningitis outbreak continues to rise. the centers for disease control said there are 105 reported cases in nine states, eight deaths have been blamed on the outbreak, two happened in maryland and virginia. health officials have tied the fungal meningitis outbreak to steroid shots for back pain. those shots were made by a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. >> cautiously optimistic that many of the efforts to reach patients and clinicians
or professional ballots, if it's that close, might have the other person's name on it. >> i don't know how the law would judge this. presumably they could say, well, this is the republican ticket. somebody is voting for. on the other happen, they may say, no, if mitt romney is on there and it's not paul ryan at the top of the ticket, that invalidates that vote. i think these would be legal battles that would probably make the 2000 controversy between gore and bush seem ke a little tempest in the tea pot. >> lenny, tony perkins often brags about how you were his professor at au and all that. i wish you were one my professors. you're fantastic. >> well, thank you. >> thank you for joining us today. >> see you next time. >> see you next time. >> bye-bye. >> there is the answer. interesting. you would think -- but as lenny said, so many people -- if you get to that point, you really want this. >> has to be something unusual that would happen -- >> like eagleton. if you have a question you would like answered, send it to myfoxdc.com, click on the morning tab for a link to ask allison. >> good stuff. >>
your help... i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. well...everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe well...i'm not at liberty to give that out, but we do use tender chunks of white meat chicken in an herb & spice broth. come on that's it? i need the recipe. you gotta help me out! [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? like a ninja! [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. . >>> more americans than ever do not identify with an organized religion. a pugh research center/pbs survey found that 1 in five religions have no -- atheists and ding -- agnostics make up 6%. the poll found those who no longer identify with a leriel es ' rim lon are not looking for a new one. what is behind the surge? the head of the catholic university, theology joins us now. i hope i got your nam right. >> you did. >> what do you so is behind this? is the economy playing a role and people are losing faith? >> i don't think so. i so it as a wave or reaction to things
. an independent renowned law firm interviewed board members. this was months of the investigation of talking with board members and employees. they also received is ups and people were put under -- received subpoenas and people were put under oath and found a major code violation in the ramada itself. so the take-away here as board members were talking in this press conference, they said they want to move forward. they are on a path of reform. they would not go into clear details of any possible criminal activity, but they say they want to be transparent. this finding is now made public today and it has been given to the media and now it is also being given to law enforcement. they would not go into any other detail, but they say the finding is clear of a violation of code of ethics and that is what they will move forward in terms of ramada and what they will do to be more transparent. back to you. >> surae chinn, thank you. >>> still ahead tonight preparing for the only debate there will be between the vice presidential candidates. >> reporter: a galludet university official placed on adm
. that's because massachusetts law says compounding pharmacies which mix custom made medicines pevery patient for each dose it sends out. necc shipped the tainted steroid out to medical facilities in bulk without these prescriptions. cbs news called the necc for a response. the company did not immediately respond. government health officials acknowledge there's a regulatory gap when it comes compounding pharmacies. for instance massachusetts does not have the authority to track how many vials of a drug are produc produced. at the federal level the food and drug administration does not have clear authority to examine records in a compounding pharmacy. fda is seeking more authority. this pharmacist served on a panel setting regulations. >> who is minding the store in terms of regulation? >> the fda has worked very hard over the last several years to try from mull gate regulations, to clearly define when does a compounding pharmacy exceed its pharmacy and become a manufacturering under the purview of the fda. >> the cdc found so far the main fungus responsible is an organism that ha
are failing to do what they are supposed to do to keep america safe. john is a law professor at gw. >> any of my students who get less than 75, uhll fail them. here, the tsa itself says that its agents failed 80, 85, 100% of the time. everybody should be scared and outraged. >> the tsa secret shoppers found screeners caught prohibited items and took appropriate action less than 25% of the time. they followed proper patdown procedures less than 17% of the time. and that they failed 100% of the time to tell people that they could opt out of a full body scan and go with a patdown. >> all the terrorists have to do is get through once. >> the tsa has lately been experimenting with something it calls behavioral detection instead of a physical patdown, it's like a verbal chatdown and this report proves it is a giant waste of time. >> the idea that they are going to be trying to look for my microinspection or this tremor in my voice is crazy. >> the new york investigation is the only one leaked publicly so far. if it's that bad at newark, a will the of people worry about failures at other air
. in bellefonte, pennsylvania, andrea mccarren, 9news. >> we should note under pennsylvania law, sandusky cannot be released on parole before the minimum 30 years has been done. there's no shortage coming on to our facebook page. stephanie wrote, whatever time he serves does not take away the ordeals these young men went through. i pray for them. belinda jackson said he should have received life in jackson. oh well, with his age, he will die in jail. and cindy redding writes, he doesn't recognize what he did was wrong. that's the sad part. he is innocent, what a pig. those poor boys. >>> jerry sandusky's refusal to admit his crimes and lack of remorse, we have seen those things before. recently in fact, and right in this area. here's peggy fox with more on that. >> despite the fact michael gardner was convicted of sexually abusing two young girls, close friends and family members, including his wife, former falls church mayor, robyn gardner, refused to believe he did it. and on his sentencing day last month, gardner offered no apology, instead, he insisted he had been wrongly convicted. dan and
to the cast of this new drama from "law & order" creator dick wolf. >> reporter: "chicago fire" follows the lives of everyday heroes, firefighters, rescue squads and paramedics. >> we're senior guys. i used to be the kid. now i'm a senior. >> reporter: inside firehouse 51, it's like one big extended family, and each character comes with their own back story. >> your character seems sort of like down and out. at least in the pilot. so what's he going through? >> you're the first person to call me down and out. >> you don't look down and out. >> life imitates art type of thing. >> reporter: to prepare for the show, actors were trained by former chicago firefighters. >> he made us draw up ladders, helped us with our panic attacks. >> we did ride along with a lot of the firefighters. >> what did you eat? >> corned beef hash. >> jum jambalaya. >> it's for about 20 people. but i think it would feed 50. >> reporter: the city plays a major role in the show, and so do some of the real life players. lime rahm emanuel. >> i don't know if i'm allowed to say this, but it was bad ass. he drove up in
no laws have been broken, but they are not exactly in forcing not met. . it seems like we are in the time of taking things to extremes. there's always somebody who takes it one step further. elizabeth knows all about that. you 20/20. >> whether you are trying to tell me, steve? >> no, no. >> we have an entire hour tonight devoted to people who go to extremes, whether it is the billionaire and hong kong who is decided to offer $65 million to any man who can squeeze his own daughter off her feet and marry her. women are eating and sleeping and cosets trying to shrink their waste. we are talking to a lot of people who go to a lot of different extremes on a lot of different levels. >> that seems terribly uncomfortable. you probably see the good in this, and some people probably you think they are a little off of their rocker. >> i think every time somebody takes at the one step too far, really wider you doing this? we talked to a man who had countless plastic surgeries, and in the and you wonder, what is this you are doing and why are you doing this? these people all seem healthy and happy. a
goodman to try to be above the law, whether it's drunk driving, leaving the scene of an accident or violating conditions of bail by trying to smash the gps device. >> reporter: goodman will be back in court in november when the judge will decide if his current stay in jail will be an extended one. for "today," tanh truong, nbc news. >> i'm not sure i have my winter skin yet, but it's probably too late. let's get another check of the weather to find out what this is all about. >> maria has another check of the weather. in a coat. >> and i have hand warmers in the pockets. we're actually seeing some records fall already. no surprise, you do have the frost and freeze warnings and advisories posted all across the northeast this morning. newark set a new this is going to be the coldest of the next few. look at the temperatures. 38 new york city. binghamton 28. a record low. as we look ahead we are going to see a warm up a bit. it's that central system bringing severe weather today through the central plains on up into parts of midwest that'll eventually bring some warmer air our way b
of the state's gay marriage law wants chief diversity officer angela mccaskill to be reinstated. this week she was put on paid leave after the school found out she signed a petition against the law. o'malley says everyone has a right to take part in the political process. >>> a difficult day for the wife of a man beaten and robbed in eastern market. she'll come face to face with the suspects in court. thomas maslin has been in the hospital since august. he is now blind in one eye and unable to walk or feed himself. last night a business community in capitol hill announced a $10,000 trust for maslin's family. his wife abby accepted the donation and talked about a safety festival being held next weekend. >> we are part of the greater community. this event is not only a reminder that we are a member of this community but it is a very real, visceral experience for us to bond together in a way we should be doing every day, and it should not take horrible circumstances such as these to kind of inspire that spirit. >> tommy branch and sonny couti are due in court at 9:30 this morning. the third defen
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-sex marriage law. school officials say it's inappropriate given her job as chief of diversity. students there are split on the decision to put her on leave. >> when you're in certain roles on campus, like as the president, that separation of personal and private life is kind of gone. >> that doesn't mean she'll vote for it. it means she's supporting people's right to vote, in my opinion, and people are reading too much into it. >> we went to mccaskill's home in prince george's county but got no answer. the university president says he'll use this time that mccaskill is on leave to determine what to do next. >>> a family in frederick county says they may press charges because their teenage son keeps getting bull lid. he was bullied in front of a reporter just as he was preparing for an on camera interview to talk about his experiences being bullied. last week, diener was suspended for fighting back against bullies in gym class. as a result, he was not allowed to go to homecoming. diener's family and friends are hosting an anti-bullying homecoming dance this friday. about 150 people are e
it was signed into law. >> i reject the argument that thoation of us who oppose it -- those of us who oppose it are bigotry or hateful. it's not any of that but we love god and we have a responsibility to stand up for what is right. >> same-sex marriage supporters are also standing up. baltimore ravens linebacker brendan bodasia is the latest big name to support the law. he says a yes vote is a vote for equality in the state and across the country. the same-sex marriage referendum will appear as question six on the ballot. early voting in maryland begins october 27. tuesday october 16 is the deadline to register to vote in maryland. >>> it is 5:06. good morning if you're just waking up. time for the first your money report. >> earnings season now under way on wall street. so far so good i'm happy to report. the aluminum company alcoa kicked things off saying profits and revenue beat wall street expectations last quarter. they are also predicting a good year ahead and the parent company of kfc, pizza hut and taco bell also reporting better than expected profits and it's raising its earnings o
are failing to do what the they are supposed to do to keep america safe. john is a law professor at g.w. >> 234eu of my students who get less than 75, i'll fail them. here the tsa itself says its agents failed 85, in me cases 100% of the time. everybody should be scared and outraged. >> reporter: the tsa's secret shoppers found screeners caught prohibited items and took appropriate action less than 25% of the time. that they followed proper pat- down procedures less than 17% of the time, and that they failed 100% of the time to tell people that they could opt out of a full body scan and go with a pat-down. >> all the terrorist have to do is get through once. >> reporter: the tsa has lately been experimenting with something it calls behavioral detection, instead of a physical pat down it's like a verbal chat down. he says this report proves it is a giant waste of time. >> the idea that they're going to be trained to look for my micro expression or tremor in my voice because i'm a terrorist, that's crazy. >> reporter: the newark inveigation is the only one leaked publicly so far. but if
bill he signed into law as president was to make sure that women get equal pay for equal work. or eq >> reporter: lisa bennett and her little daughter will be following the first lady's instructions by encouraging others to vote. >> we go to a reading group, all women, great time to talk to women about the issues of being a mom and how barack obama is pushing women's issues. >> there are so many signs that we are headed in the right direction. the stock market has doubled. housing prices are rising. unemployment rate is the lowest it's been since my husband took office. office. >> reporter: the first lady told the virginia voters you are the key. >> we need you to work like you've never worked before. >> reporter: the voter recommend station deadline in virginia is october 15th. the election just 2 days away. beth parker, fox 5 news. >>> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. starts now. good morning to you. it is wednesday, october 10th, 2012. live look outside right now. you know, it was chilly a couple of days ago and then it was rainy yesterday and i had a couple of sprinkles tod
the new law employers to do not provide full time -- who did not provide insurance. there are beginning to test a part-time plan in several markets across the country. public transportation is growing in popularity. amtrak reported a record 31.2 million people roaxd in a 12 month period. republican presidential nominee mitt romney has been promising to end taxpayer support for the railroads if elected. we will track this debate with you as the events unfold. stocks indicating a lower open. that is business news. back to you. >> thank you very much. hope you enjoy the rest of your day. 5:53 right now. i think a lot of people will enjoy today. temperatures up a bit. >> clouds are moving out. just in time for game 3 at home. agreeable weather today at the nats part. the mark, temperatures will slide back down. -- tomorrow, temperatures will slide back down. let's look at this picture here. from a facebook friend of mine. you see something in that cloud formation? a cat. if you look closely, you might see a cat. the sppoky eyes -- spooky eyes, mouth. anduyy says it looks like it million. ta
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there is no guarantee new jobs at the casinos will go to maryland workers and no law that requires the money to go to education. >>> temperatures are falling fast out there tonight, but that's not even close to how cold it will be tomorrow night. storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer has details. hey,ing doug. >> you've got that right. already out there, 52 degrees, the average low, we're already there. we'll go a lot cooler as we make our way through tonight with a dew point of 31 degrees. as far as the temperatures go, already down to 45 in gainle gaithersburg, 43 in fair fox county, loudoun county and leesburg, 45. some of you are already in the 30s, wait until i show you just how keeld cold we'll get tonight, plus how many of you will be below freezing tomorrow. >> thank you, doug. >>> still ahead -- coaches clash at a youth football game and it all unfolds in front of parents and players. >>> remember, one thing being stole by thieves on metro. let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three m
gun laws they went to someone's house that bought like a thousand guns, and then they couldn't do anything about it. >> bill: that's right. we have a lot of fun too here. as hopefully you learn something as well as have a lot of laughs. we're going to take a quick break for just a second to find out what is happening on the planet mar. a little update next. >> announcer: on your radio, on tv, the "bill press show," new on current tv. ♪ (vo) during the debates, it's hard to know what candidates are thinking. unless, of course you've stood at the podium yourself. with governors granholm, spitzer, and vice president gore, watch the only truly experienced presidential debate coverage. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] ...allstate safe driving bonus check? what is that? so weird, right? my agent, tom, said... [ voice of dennis ] ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident-free... ...but i'm a woman. maybe it's a misprint. does it look like a misprint? ok. what i was trying... [ voice of dennis ] silence. ♪ ♪ ask an allsta
. >>> a shocking charge this morning against two cal law statutes. eric and justin, both 24, were arrested in las vegas for be heading an exotic bird. the two chased a bird into trees at the flamingo's hotel wildlife habitat and they came out with the body and the severed head. the bird was a helmeted begin any fowl like this one. the men have been charged with malicious killing of wildlife. this weekend a santa clara woman along with three generations of her family will be celebrating her graduation from college. at age 93 the woman has finally earned her bachelor degree from san jose state. as abc7 news reporter sergio tells us, it's a degree that has been 72 years in the making. >>> the balloons are up, the clay student is in his spot, and 93-year-old olive chandler is a bit giddy. she will soon be celebrating her graduation. >> i sort of want to wrap my brain around this. [laughter] >> it's something her youngest daughter, donna, has been trying to help her mother finally accomplish after all these years. >> i just had always felt that it was something that she wanted, something that she had
. >> a shocking charge this morning against two cal law students. eric and justin both 24 years old were arrested in las vegas for behead go an exotic bird. it shows the two chasing a 14-year-old bird into the trees at flamingo hotel's habitat. they come out with the body. men has been charged with malicious killing of wildlife. >> this weekend a santa clara woman along with three generation of her family will be celebrating her graduation from college. at the age of 93, she has finally earned her bachelor's degree from san jose state. as sergio quintana tells us, it's a degree that has been 72 years in the making. >> reporter: balloons are up, and 93-year-old olive chandler is a bit giddy. she will be celebrating her graduation. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's something her youngest daughter donna has helped her mother to accomplish after all these years. >> i always felt she wanted something she had earned. >> the bachelor's degree was after her daughter contacted the university. she was hoping she might send a nice letter how close she came to graduating in 1959 but instead they sent her a degr
, no suggestion of a financial conflict of interest. >> ramada retable add law firm to conduct the four-month long investigation. attorney bradley bondy contend there is was a clear violation of ethics. >>> well, if you plan to casting a ballot in the upcoming november election, you have a few more days to register to vote if you haven't already. in virginia your deadline is monday, october 15 to register to vote. in maryland it's tuesday, october 16. and in the district mail-in registration deadline has already passed so you can still register, though. you have to do it in person at the election board's headquarters but you only have until friday, october 19 to do it there in the district. for more information on voter registration, just log on to our website wusa9.com and look under our campaign 2012 tab. >>> it's 6:36. jessica doyle is watching your money and your social calendar. >> maybe you've been invited to a halloween party and you don't really know what you want to wear. you don't really want to work too hard at it. we've got some cheap and lazy halloween ideas. you don't have to spend a
confirm to reporters that at least one law enforcement agency has asked for a copy of the report. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >>> a 4-year-old boy lucky to be alive tonight after falling from a ninth floor apartment window. it happened at the park montgomery complex in silver spring. police are trying to figure out how it happened. fox 5's audrey barnes has this story. >> reporter: the screen on this ninth floor window gave way sending a 4-year-old boy tumbling some 90 feet to the ground. instead of slamming into the industrial sized air conditioning units below, this tree broke his fall. aresa saw whose face we're concealing came by as it happened. >> i saw the child lying right over there. >> reporter: was he crying? >> yeah, he were crying. >> reporter: a neighbor called 911 and the little boy was rushed to a local trauma center with serious injuries. incredibly police say he was conscious and talking and even asked when he could go home. before that happens investigators have some questions for his mother like was anyone watching him or was he home alone? annie washington says sh
. >> they were inside the studio and she was naked. but that is not a crime under maine law nor is it prostitution. it may not be good judgment, but it's not actionable by the state. >> reporter: prosecutors believe wright and strong made $150,000 since 2010 in the scheme. now the town is bracing for the fallout. >> wright is charged with theft because she didn't claim all of her income on tax returns, and because she collected public assistance. the alleged johns in this case could be identified later this week. >>> next at 5:00, students robbed at the university of maryland. >>> we have breaking news right now out of montgomery county. a child fell from a window at a high-rise apartment building and grabbed onto a tree. >> shomari stone just arrived at the apartment building. >> reporter: they said this is amazing that this child is lucky to be alive. we're right here where it happened, rather than a block away. we said, let's bring our viewers closer to the scene. that child fell right in this area right here. my photographer, dave carter, could pan up for our viewers and you
did confirm that least one law enforcement agency has asked for a copy of the report. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >>> ate fox 5 follow-up to the meningitis outbreak t has now spread to 11 states with iowa reporting its first case. as the number of cases grows across country, the pharmaceutical firm has hired a high profile defense lawyer. it is not the first time. the company was sued in 2004 with more lawsuits likely. dr.william shafner discusses what may be asked if the cases go to court. >> what is a compounding pharmacy in how are they licensed and supervised? -- what is a compounding pharmacy? how are they licensed and supervised. >>> what caused the death of the joint panda cub at our national zoo. >> we now have an answer to that question. that is coming up next. stay with us. [ mitt romney ]tay w look at the evidence of the last four years. under the president's policies, middle income americans have been buried. they're just being crushed. middle-income americans have seen their income come down by $4,300. this is a tax in and of itself. i'll call it the economy tax. i'm not
of paying a law firm employee $800 in state money. she was also accused of theft and using state fund for her wedding. she will have to perform 300 hours of community service and pay back the $800 to the state. >>> also making headlines this morning, two running mates face off tomorrow in the first and only vice presidential debate. their goal, to boost the numbers at the polls. that is not only thing that stands to benefit. >> first, jerry sandusky is sentenced on charges he sexually abused 10 boys. while one chapter in the scandal has ended, the story is far from over. we're back in just a moment. [ female announcer ] it's onoe of the hardest decisions a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message. >>> former
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